Targeted communication with Social Media.

With the numerous social media platforms, you can communicate precisely with your target audience.

Advantages of Social Media.

In today’s world, social media channels have become essential tools for corporate communication and the public sector. They provide an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility and reach new target audiences. With concise audio-visual communication, you can efficiently convey your topics to where your target audience is present.

Whether it’s a feed post, meme, or story, social clips create attention. Especially if you want to reach young people with your ideas and messages, social media clips are almost obligatory. We are happy to advise you on the production and implementation of your campaign. Contact us!


Sozialversicherung: Widerspruch

In this social media clip for the BMAS, you will learn how to appeal decisions of all social security agencies and how the committees work. 1/3 experimentally animated clips in 1:1 format, each 1 minute long.


Sozialversicherung: Rente

The video presents the pension advice of the German Pension Insurance in a playful way. 2/3 experimentally animated clips in 1:1 format, each 1 minute long.


Sozialversicherung: Selbstverwaltung

Did you know that you can also have a say in your health, pension and accident insurance? Of course you can! And you can do it via the social election.

3/3 experimentally animated clips in 1:1 format, each 1 minute long.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Speech analysis: A glimpse into the Future

Speech analysis can be used to detect mental illnesses at an early stage – the social media clip presents new technologies in medicine.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are important tools for getting the word out about your idea or brand.

20 Blue

BKK ProVita: Social Media Campaign

Die Firma KPS, die Sicherheitsinspektionen anbietet, gibt mit diesen Videos einen kleinen Einblick in die Arbeitswelt ihrer Mitarbeiter. Püsel der Werkzeugkasten ist der Protagonist, der kleine Abenteuer erlebt.



In this campaign, attention is drawn to ZIF’s new search function for women’s shelters. In addition to the social media post, there was an explainer video explaining the functions of the search function.

KPS Prüfservice

The company KPS, which offers safety inspections, provides a small insight into the working world of its employees with these videos. Püsel the toolbox is the protagonist who experiences little adventures.

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