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What are the steps in the process for infographic animation? How do we work together?

Production Process.

To ensure a smooth and fast workflow, we follow an experience-based guide for our collaboration, which consists of three steps::

1. Pre-production (consultation, briefing, concept)
2. Production (voice-over, illustration, animation)
3. Post-production (editing, visual effects, music and sound)

If you think that this process sounds like the work of a feature film, you are not mistaken. This process applies to almost all forms of video production, including animated explainer videos. Using the project “Save our Mangroves Now” (for WWF international) from 2019 as an example, we will illustrate how we proceed in detail. Depending on the scope and nature of the production, the steps may vary slightly

Phase 1 – Pre-production

During the video production process, several aspects are taken into consideration such as concept, research, audiovisual script, speaker texts, storyboard, design, project planning, and many more. This phase involves planning not only the content and style of the video but also determines the time and costs involved. Collaboration with the client is crucial during this initial step. The three essential creative elements of this phase are the story/script, the storyboard, and style frames.

SCRIPTThe first step of video production is often considered the most important, even though it may seem self-explanatory. This is because, no matter how visually stunning a video may be, it is the story that holds everything together and resonates with the target audience. For example, in our project, the story was conveyed through a combination of images, motion, and sound design, without the use of spoken language, in order to make it universally understandable.

STORYBOARDThe second step involves breaking down the script into scenes and shots through the use of simple illustrations or graphics. This process helps design a visual sequence in chronological order and creates a binding type of planning that saves time and money in post-production. Unlike in the later, more costly production stage, fundamental changes to the narrative can be made without much effort at this point. The storyboard contains details about scene layout, action, camera movements, and more. Below is an excerpt from the storyboard for the mangrove project, and the entire storyboard can be viewed by clicking the link.

STYLE FRAMESThe third step is style frames, where individual relevant images are developed to approach the design. The color palette and visual language are decided upon in this phase. The image in the lower style was generated for “shot 4b” from the storyboard shown above.

Phase 2 – Production

During the production phase, we utilize the information and materials collected during the pre-production phase to create the final video. Illustrations and other media are produced based on the previously designed storyboard and style frames. In addition, professional voice-over artists are recorded to accompany the video. The timing of the animation is carefully synchronized with the voice recording.

As soon as the voice-over and necessary materials are ready, we begin the animation process. The initial version of the film is presented to the client as a “rough cut.” Via feedback rounds with the client, we refine the “rough cut” into the “fine cut,” and eventually, into the “final cut”.

Phase 3 – Post-production

This phase, referred to as post-production, takes place after the completion of the production phase and the generation of all visual elements for the film. The final film is created by merging animation, voice-over, music, and sound effects and balancing them to ensure that the voice-over is clear and the sound effects are heard at the appropriate moments and the edit and colors reinforce the story.

After the final cut is completed, it is presented to the client for approval, and the video is delivered in the desired formats.

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