Communication through Infographics.

Data visualizations generate interest and understanding among users.

Advantages of Infographics.

Understanding how things fit together can be challenging, especially with the flood of information we encounter daily. At Informotional, we specialize in creating visual contexts that help our clients and their audience grasp the connections between data, numbers, and facts.

Our infographics and info-illustrations can be used as standalone communication tools or to support text. We also offer animated versions in moving image media. Contact us for expert advice and assistance.

Scientists for future

Facts about Climate Change

These info-illustrations were created for Scientists4Future for use on social media as part of a pro-bono campaign by Visuals4FutureVisuals4Future. Eight of the share-pics were designed by Miriam Barton. They were realized in 3 formats each as posters, for Twitter, and Instagram.


Infographics for the SBB

This example visualizes the formal process of ticket control for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The procedure is broken down in a friendly and clear manner in the SBB’s corporate style.

Life Science Nord Magazin

Secure Data Streams

These infographics were created for the Life Science Nord Magazins on the topic „Secure Data Streams – How actors in the healthcare sector want to shape data protection“.

Infographics explain in a playful and understandable way the connections of data, numbers and facts.


Information panels
The temporary exhibition #NATURFUTUR was a cooperation between the Museum of Natural History Berlin (MfN) and the BMBF-funded information platform bioö in 2021. It presented 5 topic areas, including Soil/Growing/Food. This infographic illustrates the land requirements of different foods and how they can be produced sustainably in the future.

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