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All members of our team have different areas of expertise that complement and support each other. At the core, it is always about developing a functional, unique, and high-quality product. From complex knowledge communication to impactful social clips, through in-depth analysis of the subject matter, we will efficiently and customer-orientedly convey your message. Quality is important to us. We take the time to engage in a dialogue with you and gather the core information.

Nowadays, users are practically inundated with visual stimuli. That’s why targeted communication is all the more important. Videos and animations are excellent for this purpose, as they are easily consumable for viewers. It’s no wonder that YouTube, after Google, is considered the second largest search engine. How to precisely convey content to the respective target audience and which format is suitable can be discussed in a free consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact us. contact us.

Explainer videos

Facts and figures are transformed into captivating formats through emotionally rich storytelling.

Internal communication

You are restructuring your company and want to involve your employees. A video motivates and communicates effectively.


Graphical means of representation enable the quick comprehension of contexts and promote the understanding of contents.

Trade show film

Reach new customers. We present your offer in a targeted and efficient manner and also present you at trade fairs in top form!


From screencasts to elaborately produced courses – digital learning supports educational processes of all kinds!

Video production

Whether it’s an advertising film, product video, music video or documentary, films are very popular with customers.

Exhibition design

The creative implementation of interactive or classic concepts for museums, exhibitions or retail spaces.

Social Media

Whether it’s a feed post or a story, social clips generate attention and are a great communication tool.

Visual Storytelling Means to us:

  • Creating clarity through audiovisual solutions
  • Generating an intense, sensual experience through the composition of image, movement, language, and sound
  • Finding a concise, individual form of expression for difficult-to-access topics
  • Keeping the target audience and message in focus at all times
  • information in motion -> informotional!

Convinced? Then contact us.
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Convinced? Then contact us. We will be happy to advise you and find the right way to communicate your content effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s an animated explainer video, infographic or scientific data visualization, we can help. Contact us at . You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday at +49 30 5463 2812. In urgent cases, you can also reach us at +49 176 3286 4431.

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